2008 / 06 / 18

Switched back to static links for text-only browsers. Fixed some spelling errors. Tightened up the header a little bit. Verified the site on Google.

2007 / 07 / 27

Finished "getting around" section, uploaded website to server.

2007 / 07 / 25

Fixed IE4 CSS formatting bug using my 1337 javascript skills (loads a seperate CSS file for users running IE4, which is going to be a pain when I change the layout of the site). Worked on the "getting around" portion of the site, writing is dragging on, I can't seem to think of anything to write. I was planning to wait until the very end to upload this thing, but given the scope of this thing, plus the fact I pay for the domain name whether I use it or not, I think I'm going to upload soon.

2007 / 07 / 16

Got the new computer up and running (Quad-Core w007). Finally reformatted main page, financial stuff is now it's own seperate page. Still need to work on the "Getting Around" section. This project is taking longer than I had anticipated, perhaps I need to load what I have now to the site just to get things going.

2007 / 07 / 01

Finished initial draft of "How to get to Japan" page. Almost finished with the "At the Airport" portion. Need to begin work on "Getting Around" and redo the header image since it takes up too much space.

2007 / 06 / 24

Almost finished with the "How to get to Japan" page.